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Custom Swarovski Face Mask

$550.00 USD

Non medical reusable face mask with nose wire and filter pocket custom strassed in Swarovski rhinestones.

Handmade in house, our masks can be custom made with or without slits and strassed in any color rhinestone. 

Our six slit mask (3 slits on each side) features 3 layers - Leather / pleather, polypropylene (material used to make masks/filters) and cotton. Our no slit masks feature 2 layers - leather/pleather and cotton.

Orders come with one replaceable filter insert, one 3D printed ear saver, disinfectant spray and a washable barrier layer that you loop on to the inside of the mask so that you don’t have to worry about makeup stains/cleaning.

Disclaimer: Our masks are not proven to reduce the transmission of diseases and are meant to be used as an accessory. Please replace filter after every use. 

Ships in 4 - 5 weeks.