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The Child Baby Yoda Alien 3D Printed Figurine

$40.00 USD

Two versions!

Mini is handpainted so no two will be exactly the same. 3D printed with non-toxic and biodegradable PLA, and will show some minor flaws.

Processing time is 5 business days.

Size: 3" Tall x 3" Wide x 1.75" Deep

This guy is printed at a 0.12 layer height which is considered “super quality”, but he will still show some flaws. The printing takes about 12 hours. He’s then sanded, airbrushed, hand painted and topcoated

XL glow in the dark is 3D printed with non-toxic and biodegradable glow in the dark PLA, and may show some minor flaws.

The color is a little hard to describe, in low light he is a little green, and in bright light he is off white with a grey tone. He glows in the dark with a low glow.

They are printed at a 0.24 layer height which doesn't show layer lines very much. The printing takes 41 hrs for an 8 inch yoda. 

Processing time is 2 weeks for XL. 

Credit for the model goes to MarVin-Miniatures on Thingiverse.