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21st Commission - Daffodile

Posted on July 03 2012

Not gonna lie. When my new client Emily said she wanted her Daffodile’s strassed in Crystal AB, I was thinking she was gonna send in a kid leather pair. When I opened the box and saw these, well, I just died! I thought to myself, oh my god, why would anyone want to cover these? They’re such a gorgeous turquoise! But then again… how practical is this color?

I absolutely ADORE all the color suede CL’s that have come out over the last couple seasons…  hot pink, royal blue, turquoise, purple. My umbrage with brightly colored shoes though is this, how do you wear them? Lets take this pair of turquoise Dafs for example. Yes, the color is gorgeous but, they won’t go with everything. Changing the color and strassing them in a color like Crystal AB opens the door to soo many more possibilities. Now, they’ll pretty much go with everything and, you can wear them in every season!

Crystal AB is a very popular color choice amongst all my clients. Everyone needs at least one pair of strassed heels in their collection. If you’re interested in having a pair of heels strassed but can’t decide on color, I definitely recommend starting here.


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