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314 - Christina's Chanel

Posted on July 06 2019

The IT bag of the year was definitely the Chanel Pearl Flap and I can see why. Pricing wise, it retails for much less than a strass flap ($4900 for pearl vs $10k+ for strass) and a perfect combination of edgy yet classy.

Repeat client Christina asked me to recreate the Chanel Bag above but on this vintage Satin Chanel Bag thereby creating her own one of a kind Chanel Pearl Bag.

These Swarovski pearls are heavier than rhinestones so they do add quite a bit of weight to the bag therefore I suggest sticking to minis only if you're considering a pearl bag. Pricing wise - depending on size, Chanel Pearl Strass starts at $1000. A bag this size (vintage Small) would be around $1250 to pearl (bag not included in estimate).

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