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57th Commission - Ambers

Posted on January 04 2013

My new client Michelle from Canada contacted me after seeing several of my shoe-mission videos on Youtube. She emailed me after having watched my Ambertina transformation to see if I could do a pair for her. Michelle was eyeing a pair on eBay when I remembered that I had a pair of Ambers in her size…

I bought these Ambers several months ago even though they were a 1/2 size too big for me. They are such a TDF shoe I was planning on strassing and displaying them. But! As my Instagram followers will know, I purchased an apartment and have been investing all my money into furniture and renovation. Soo long story short, I sold my shoes to Michelle cause I needed the cash. Michelle will be wearing these to her bridal shower and I’m sure her guests will be floored! Ambers painted a custom color then strassed in Volcano Swarovski rhinestones.


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