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64th Commission - Isabel Pigalle

Posted on February 10 2013

Strassing patent… not everyone can do it! Unfortunately for some, if you send your shoes to the wrong strasser, aka one that doesn’t know how to work with the material… this is what happens.

Isabel had her Pigalle’s custom strassed by another strasser, one many of you know. This said strasser while good, wasn’t able to get the rhinestones to stick to the material nor offered to fix the shoes for her as it wasn’t their responsibility.

We here at Urban Bling stand behind our work. All our clients are offered the option of sending their shoes back for repair within one year of receipt. While we do send rhinestones out with all orders, if clients feel that an excessive amount of rhinestones have fallen off they are given a year to send their shoes back to us for repair, for free! Clients should be happy and I do all I can to ensure all my clients are.


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