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Choosing the Right Strasser

Posted on August 02 2012

Choosing the right strasser is important, especially when it comes to high end designer shoes. I cannot tell you how many times I've seen my work stolen and showcased as someone else’s. 

Sometimes, potential clients email me asking why my rates are “soo expensive” – well, for one, compared to some others in this field, my rates are actually really cheap and, two, Swarovski rhinestones are pricey! More often than not, those that charge you $500 to strass a daffodile will not only not be using Swarovski rhinestones but do a sh*tty job and/or rip you off. At best, you’ll get your shoes back looking like Exhibit A…

Shoe on the LEFT is strassed by Urban Bling, SHOE ON THE RIGHT IS NOT.

Notice how on the right, non Urban Bling strassed pair it’s all big stones and on the pair I strassed, closer filling and different sizes? Even CL uses 5/6 sizes on their shoes!

Same shot from a different angle. Urban Bling strassed New Simples (left) vs Anons strassed Simple Pumps (right). Anons strassed Simple Pumps made an authentic pair of CLs look cheap and fake! Not to mention the insane amount of crystal loss because they didn’t use Swarovski rhinestones!'

And finally... one from the back, Anons Simple Pump strass left, Urban Bling New Simple strass right. Cheap vs. Quality. Are you really saving any money?

If you’re going to spend $700+ on a pair of shoes, don’t trust your shoes to just anyone, trust them with Urban Bling 


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