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Strassing Chanel - Swarovski Flap Bag

Posted on August 31 2012

Recently, a new client of mine sent in several Chanel bags for strassing. At their request, I will not be blogging about this commission but, I did want to blog about strassing Chanel.

The ultimate purse, Chanel’s Swarovski Crystal Flap Bag retails between $7000 (for a mini) to $18,200 (for a jumbo). Limited edition and heftily priced, Chanel’s Strass flaps can be recreated by Urban Bling on a Chanel Caviar Leather flap without that crazy mark up. Pricing for strassing a flap start at $1000 for a mini to $4000 for a vintage jumbo which, with the cost of the bag means major savings! Not only that, I can custom strass your flap in any color so go ahead girl, match your CLs to your Chanel!

If you’re interested in having your own purse custom strassed by Urban Bling, please message me through the contact us page


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