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  • Eighteenth Commission - Pink Suede Very Prives

    May 23 2012

    Such a gorgeous pink, it’s almost a shame covering them in crystals. Vanessa is a bride to me whose commissioned me to strass her Pink Su...

  • Seventeenth Commission - Daffodils

    May 19 2012

    Suzanne is a bride to me whose not only commissioning me to strass one pair of Daffodiles for her but, two! For her wedding, these nude d...

  • Personal Project - Gozul

    May 17 2012

    Up next is a personal project. With all my current stock up for auction on eBay, I thought I’d replenish the store with a style I haven’t...

  • Sixteenth Commission - Lady Peep

    May 09 2012

    New client Anna sent me her camel Lady Peeps for a make over. These were painted then strassed in Crystal AB!

  • Fifteenth Commission - Very Prive

    May 03 2012

    Alongside the Simple Pumps,  Anh also sent me her Very Prives. These were strassed in Light Peach! Not only were the shoes strassed but ...