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The quality of luxury goods is declining and the focus is shifting more towards profitability. A lot of your items that were once handmade by ateliers are now mass produced. The attention to detail just isn't the same anymore, since the specialized skillset of an artisan cannot be replaced by a machine. Take a look at the four comparisons compiled below; on the left is what's being sold in stores by designers, and on the right is what we do for clients like you.
The ultimate purse, Chanel’s Swarovski Crystal Flap Bag retails between $7000 (for a mini) to $18,200 (for a jumbo). Chanel’s Strass flaps can be recreated by Urban Bling on a non patent Chanel Leather Bag or Satin Bag without the crazy mark up. Pricing for strassing a flap start at $1000 for a mini (bag not included). If you'd like to purchase one of our ready made custom Chanel Bag's / Accessories, please check out our "Custom Luxe" Shop 

The iconic Red Bottoms. Louboutin's Pigalle Strass starts at $2995 vs our starting price of $1570 with shoe or $875 if you already have a shoe. If you'd like to find out more about our pricing, please visit the "Pricing" tab. 

Mcqueen Strassed Clutch $2495 vs Urban Bling Strassed. McQueen Clutch strassing prices start at $850 . For more info, please send us an email. 

Urban Bling has always put quality first and foremost. Urban Bling was established in 2011, but we have been in this business for 12 years, and we are proud of keeping the focus on quality not quantity. We are able to strass your pieces for cheaper than what the high end designers charge, and at a quality they can't surpass. Each and every rhinestone is (still) hand glued on, since we believe that you should get what you pay for. We are also increasingly redoing pieces done by cheaper competitors (example 1 / example 2), and it winds up costing you more than coming to us in the first place. We use the highest quality materials and supplies, and only work with Swarovski rhinestones and our expertise and work can't be surpassed. At Urban Bling, we like to think that we are bringing back the work of an artisan and you are getting the craftsmanship you deserve.


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