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  • 236 - Natasha's Manolo Blahniks

    Sep 21 2016

    New client, Natasha, sent in this pair of strappy Manolo Blahniks for a custom makeover! How amazing did they come out?!?!?!

  • 235- Shruti's Medium Chanel

    Sep 07 2016

    New client, Shruti, sent in this Caviar Medium Double Flap for a strassing makeover! This bag was painted a custom color then strassed in...

  • 234 - Sheba's Chanel

    Sep 05 2016

    Repeat client, Sheba is back for another strass! This Chanel Medium Double Flap was custom strassed in a white opal Chevron pattern.

  • 233 - Melissa's Rockstud

    Sep 01 2016

    New client, Melissa, sent in these Rockstuds for a strassing makeover! They were painted a custom color then strassed in Scarabaeus Green...

  • 232 - Hana's Cruel Summers

    Aug 30 2016

    New client, Hana, sent in these Giuseppe Zanotti Cruel Summers for a little strassing upgrade. They were custom strassed in Crystal Swaro...